Mom Noted The Kid Was Up To Something And Followed Him With A Camera, The Outcome? Cuteness Overload!

Ask most kids out there to do the dishes and what you will get in return is grunts, temper tantrums and complaints. But things are quite different for the young man you are about to meet in the clip below.

When his mom requests him to do the dishes, he positively responds to the request since he knows the task will provide him with the perfect opportunity to try out a few moves. His mom must have noted the young man was up to something and decided to record everything.

In the background, we can hear Michael Jackson’s song playing and then the boy does his thing. I like the show because he is not aware that there is a person who is doing the recording. It is such an epic performance which I’m sure you will love to watch.

I believe this kid is a talented dancer and with the right kind of encouragement the talent can be nurtured. Ever come across a kid that does something similar to this one? We will love it if you let us know by commenting below.

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