Meet Drummers Who Perform With Burning Drum Sticks. The Way They Do it? So Stunning!

The Top Secret Corps as a group is commonly associated with top notch and outstanding performances. The group is based within Basel, Switzerland and is composed of a color guard and 25 drummers. Their performances have a unique touch and from the start to the end, it’s militaristic in nature. When you see them perform, you notice they have that special thing you’ve never come across.

Here, they are exhibiting their extraordinary skills and the crowd are highly stunned by their precision. At 3:35, their sticks are light with fire and the whole performance is taken to another level. Their show’s last act involves the use of the “fire-sticks” and it’s really amazing. This is something you could wish to see again and again, but you’re not advised to do it at home if you’re not familiar with the skill.

This group was formed back in 2003 and since then, they have seen their fame grow each and every day. When you watch them perform, you will definitely understand why they have been able to perform in different platforms worldwide. Some of the places they have performed include: Australia, United States and other parts of Europe.

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