I Was Impressed to Learn This Tiny Cabin Comfortably Fits 6 People. Would You Ever Live Here?

Ever thought of hopping onto a tinny cabin and taking off to the beachside with your family or friends? Have you ever imagined just how cool such an experience would be? Would you try it? Well, we might have bumped into the perfect “thing” for you!

See that tinny cabin in this video? It’s actually a small house that can house up to 6 people. Unbelievable! Well, you haven’t looked into its insides. You just can’t stop thinking about cabins after this. In fact, you could live here with your whole family and get to visit any place you want in this country. This is just so nice you can’t help but want it too!

For a nice cabin measuring 43 by 11 feet, a price range of $32,000 to around $43,000 is perhaps the best deal you can hope for, and that one here costs just that. It’s affordable and good-looking, with a kitchen, food storage; everything you would need in a house. It’s just perfect!

This mobile tinny house was constructed by Rustic River Park Homes, and it’s very much clear that these guys are good at that. Check it out and love it. Be sure to SHARE the clip on Facebook. Amazing!

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