Hubby Is Driving Fast, And Then The Wife Gets Labor Pains. What Happens Is Unbelievably Awesome!

Here’s a lovely couple, and they’re about to experience a moment of both a little bit of horror and extreme joy. They’re travelling in their car on the Beltway 8, Houston, and you might want to know why the hubby is stepping on it.

As you can see clearly, the lady has something going on with her, and they need to get to the Bay Area Birth Canter fast. But it seems like, even after 45 minutes of fast driving, they won’t make it there in time.

At 0:58, something happens, and you’re going to drop. When the screams take another pitch, the hubby knows what just happened, so he has to ask her what she wants to be done at one point. You might wonder why the man didn’t just park the car and help her, but then you’ll remember that they need to get to the hospital soonest possible. That’s what the wife wants.

Fortunately, everything turns out just fine, even though they haven’t reached the hospital yet. It’s a great blessing!

Watch this and feel the emotion. Also SHARE with all your friends. So lovely.

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