Homeless Man Receives A Selfless Gesture From 3 Teens – A Must Watch!

One quiet evening, Ryan and his friends went to grab a quick bite at Chick-fil-A restaurant in Texas. They saw a man sitting at a nearby table. The man was counting his change so that he could pay for his meal.

The homeless man, Eddie, had a Bible and photo of Jesus with him. The staff at the restaurant said Eddie came to the restaurant often, but he never borrowed any handouts. He only did that for his dog Socks.

It was a lucky night for Eddie and his dog. The three boys had a surprise for Eddie. They gave him some gift cards.

The boys decided that was not enough and they went to Dick’s Sporting Goods next door.  The boys got Eddie a winter hat, jacket, first –aid kit, and three shirts. Additionally, they gave Eddie $20 and a few extra items.

The look on Eddie’s face as he received the goodies from the boys was priceless. His face lit than the brand new orange jacket the boys got him.

The boys’ selfless act touched the homeless man. Watch the video for full details and SHARE the selfless deed on Facebook.

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