Here’s The Teen Star That Brought The House Down On The X Factor 2016. Wow!

By the time she walked onto the stage, all the available 6 seats had been filled, but Garcia had her mission in place. All she wanted was to impress the most critical judge of all time: Simon Cowell!

We know Simon as a straight-forward guy who doesn’t mince his words in defining big spoons and spades when it comes to the contestant’s performance on the X Factor. This time around, however, he had a really tough decision to make. You’ll agree too!

As she introduces herself, Garcia is a little nervous, and Simon notices that, but what happens when the young lady starts her thing has Simon and his fellow judges in trance. Not even the crowd can believe this. This young star is just too good!

At just 16, Olivia Garcia is already impressing Judge Simon, so you can imagine where her stardom could take her in the future. As if that’s not enough, something really interesting happens next. You’ve to see this!

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