Her Fiancé Proposes To Her At Disney World, But She Gets More Surprised. Watch!

Clifton was all set to propose to her lady in 2012, and he desired to ensure the surprise was extra unique. Clifton portrays his present wife as a Disney World Fanatic, and during their bond, she made him into one as well. Therefore, when the time came to pose the question, Clifton right away knew where would like to pose to her –by Cinderella’s Castle at the Disney World.

Clifton persuaded his family to spend their holiday in Disney World, and she did not know he requested her close relatives to be there on this important day.

As she says yes, she goes to summon her parents to inform them of the great news; however, they were watching from the shrubs across the walkway the whole time. This is the most excellent response ever before.

Clifton wrote on YouTube saying that as you can witness in the recording, the entire thing was irresistible for her, but it couldn’t have come out any better.

This is exactly what real love is all about.

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