He Uses His Professional Skills To Save A Drowning Kid, What He Revealed Made Me Cry!

One day, a small girl went straight to a powerful current at Bondi Beach in Australia. This young girl started to wave her hands desperately while shouting for help, just seconds before the current went over her. On seeing this, Terry, a professional lifeguard, knew that duty was calling for him. He quickly leaped on his board and paddled at a high speed to get her. He pulled her out of the water and took her to a safe place. The video below is shocking.

While being interviewed after the horrific situation, the lifeguard narrated the dreadful situation while trying hard not to shed tears. This experience not only affected him professionally, but also it made him sentimental from his other life experiences. When Terry was about to be called a father, his to be son was stuck at the delivery canal at birth. The little baby died due to absence of oxygen. This tragic incident is the one that inspired him to become a lifeguard and still it does, so that other parents cannot experience the pain of losing a kid. Terry’s eyes clearly demonstrate readiness to anything concerning child care and their safety.

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