He Had No Idea That His Marine Brother Was Home, Until This Happened. Awesome!

You have to respect the marines, and more so when you happen to know one.

These people are just like us, but they chose to risk their own lives for the rest of us. They forgo the good times they could otherwise have spent with their families and their loved ones, and that’s why we’re all happy and joyful when they return home safe and sound from their deployments. The kid in this cool clip conveys that very emotion.

Apparently, his big brother is a marine, and the little guy is proud of that, even wearing a t-shirt proclaiming that very fact. And then his brother returns from his mission.

The family had prepared a cool surprise for the kid, and you’ll also find it as one of the most awesome moments you ever hope for.

When his dad insists on filming him as he walked across the hallway, the kid has no idea what’s really going on, until the surprise hits him like a breeze of both amazement and joy. There’s his big bro, just before his own good eyes!

You have to watch and SHARE this. Let’s celebrate the Marine!


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