He Decides To Get A Shave To Surprise His Fiancée Before Their Wedding. Now Look At Him!

You’ve a boyfriend whom you have known for the last 13 good years, but you’ve never seen him without a bearded or very long hair. Now, what would happen if, by any chance, he decided to pull a surprise and have a good shave? You can’t imagine!

It’s a situation that this lady found her nice self in. Roger has worn a beard for 20 years, long before he met his girlfriend, whom he’s now planning to marry after their recent engagement. Now, Roger’s fiancée has never really seen him without all that thick hair for all the time she’s known this guy, so Roger decides to put her curiosity to rest once and for all. Get set for a drool!

Rachel Ray is the best stylist around, and she decided to jump in for the great shaving occasion for Roger. By the time she’s done, she has to admit that this man is really stunningly handsome. The fiancée’s reaction is priceless!

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