Have You Listened To The Latest “Jolene“ Cover From This 2-Year Old? It’s Epic!

Dolly Patron is one of the living legends in the music industry. Who does not love her melodious voice and sweet personality?

I am not the only one who is fascinated by Dolly Patron. A superstar acapella group joined the singer to perform “Jolene’, the 1973 hit. Dolly Patron and Pentatonix teamed up for a live performance with Miley Cyrus. Dolly’s collaboration with the young artists is an indication that her music appeals to all generations.

Well, Dolly Patron has fans from the youngest generation. One mother from Lansing caught her daughter singing “Jolene.” The video of the singing 2-year old has gone viral.

The little girl may not understand the lyrics but you can notice the emotion and passion in her singing. Brooke says her daughter had never thought her daughter enjoyed singing.

Dolly Patron saw the video and shared it on Twitter too. The child’s performance warmed her heart.

Watch the video and get lost in the melodious voice of 2-year-old Sophie. Did you love the performance?

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