God Told Her To Go Out Into The Bushes. What She Found There Is Shocking!

Many will try hard to dispute the fact that God speaks sometimes, but it’s stories like this one here that serve to dish out the most undeniable truths.

Elysia Laub is a little 9-year-old girl raised in rural Indiana. One day, God spoke to her. Elysia heard a voice in her head telling her to head out to the family backyard. She went out. She didn’t really understand what she was looking for in that place, but she knew that God speaks to people, and she believed that what she heard was the voice of God. She was about to turn back when her ears caught on some sound coming from the bushes. She approached, and then she froze!

Here’s a little baby, naked, abandoned in the middle of the bush, covered with bugs and dirt and her umbilical cord still attached. Elysia run to call her mom who grabbed the baby into her arms and dialed 911. Thanks to Elysia, this baby was no longer in danger. Great!

The baby is now known as Miracle Joan Doe.

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