Getting Up To The 21st Floor Was No Problem, But Getting Down? And The Creature Still Walked!

Imagine you’re a little smart squirrel that loves climbing. You see a tall building, and you start your way up. You get to the 21st floor, and then it hits you: you need to get down now!

It happened to a real squirrel, but this one was way smarter and determined than you would think of a normal squirrel. The animal had climbed up to the 21st floor, but it soon realized that going up was actually easier than going down. That’s when this guy spotted it as it wagged its cute tail in search of a creative plan out of the disturbing ‘up’ situation. He had to draw out a camera!

Before you get to think of a plan, the squirrel applies its own method that seems incredibly crazy. Would you do that? Surprisingly, the animal got up and walked!
This is astonishing. I always thought cats are the only creatures said to have many lives, but I think that squirrel just expended about 10 lives right there. It’s awesome!

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