Family Finds an Astonishing Mirror Message Left by Their Late Daughter

The mourning period is one the most difficult moments for families who have lost a loved one. It takes time for the family to come to terms with losing a loved one. It also takes time for them to adjust to the fact that what their loved one used to do for the family will no longer be possible. They miss the loved ones’ voice, company and any family activity they used to do together.

That is what happened to the family in the photos below. Their daughter Athena was diagnosed with bone cancer and passed on. They did not however, know that during her fight with cancer, she also took time to write a message for them.

Her parents, Dean and Caroline had decided to gather the courage and strength to move her stuff and pack it together. That included her full length mirror in her bedroom. That’s when they saw the message Athena had left their family that included her nine siblings and two parents. It was a 3000-word message written at the back of the mirror. She had expressed her thoughts about life and her love for the family.

It’s so touching that you just feel her emotions as she wrote it. Read it below and watch the video at end to witness how emotional it was.

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