Family Dances To Justin Bieber’s Song During Christmas Time. What A Moment!

If there is a holiday that had no protocol of celebrating it, Christmas one of them. This is a special day that families get to enjoy it in whichever way they feel or desire.

In the following video, we see a family that was very excited with the Christmas holiday, in that they started preparing for it by filming a dance. It’s without doubt that it took them many days of preparation to come up with that amazing dance.

The song that they were dancing to is “Santa Clause Is Coming To Town,” by Justin Bieber. To the surprise of many, the dance has received more than 3 million views in less than a week from the time it was uploaded on YouTube.

Further investigation to this family’s YouTube page reveals that it is not their first time to do such a performance as they have been doing a dancing clip since 2012. When you compare all the Christmas dancing videos, you will definitely see that this last one is far too much rehearsed and well performed than the rest.

You can’t stand to miss the end of their dance as they come together and form a family pyramid. What a perfect dance from this Orgill family!

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