Family Adopts 5 Kids Of The Same Family Without Knowing!

If there is a person who knows the pain of being separated from a family, is Tyler Nicholas. When his granddad was a small boy, he was separated from his six siblings who were taken to a foster care. The grandfather of Tyler grew up lonely and with the urge of one day finding his sisters and brothers. Years passed and they finally reunited again. When Tyler and Beth planned to have a family, they thought of adopting a sibling group, as they wished to maintain the family together unlike the one of his grandfather.

Tyler and Beth wished to have an adopted sibling group of four children and over. Then they received a call of a sibling group of four and another little girl who needed someone to take care of them. They went to South America and adopted the 5 siblings; Yohan (9), Patty (8), Wilson (7), Oscar (6) and Heidy (4).

They took in the 5 kids without knowing how to nurse them since they never were parents before. apart from that, they were in a foreign land where they had a time limit of seven weeks to establish a bond with the 5 siblings who never knew what parents are as Patty, the eldest sister was the one who was like a father and mother to them.

What followed next is touching. Watch the clip below to find out how the adoption went on. Please SHARE this adorable story to all your family and friends on Facebook!

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