Ellen Meets A Parrot On TV, The Result? You Must See This!

If someone came out of nowhere and asked me to recommend to him or her one of the best talk shows on the television, Ellen DeGeneres cannot be missed on the list. If you ask me the reason, I would absolutely give you! As usual, we know that Ellen has always entertained most guests on the television. You will be surprised to find the new guest we have over here. It’s none other than the talking parrot.

If you meet Quito, she will tell you that she is an Amazon parrot who is yellow headed. If you asked me to compare this bird with anything, I would just compare it with a chatter box just because parrots have always been known for their parroting business.

At first, Quito has a bit of stage fright and she remained quiet for some time. Surprisingly, Ellen DeGeneres did something that made me laugh until I hurt my ribs. This is brilliant! I am really amazed by how she managed to change the awkward moment into something hilarious.

Ellen began cracking her own jokes when the parrot had decided to be tight beaked for the entire show. Her jokes are very funny! This is a must see! Please SHARE with your friends and family!


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