This Elephant Stood On This Spot For Several Weeks, The Reason Behind It Shocked Me!

Many people think that animals do not make friends. But this is not true. They too have their best friends just like us humans. Like this elephant in the video below.

Elephants are among those animals that can relate with others. They go around in clusters, and each elephant has a close relationship with another elephant. The Tennessee Elephant Sanctuary is a secure place where ill and aged elephants get to take their leave and make best buddies. Each elephant has a great pal; however, there was one that was exceptional from the others.

The video below shows the unusual but unbelievable closeness between Tarra the elephant and Bella, the dog. Even though they come from different species, these great buddies were indivisible. They did all things together! But their relationship experienced some difficulties when Bella had a back wound that made her be confined to bed. She could not see her friend each day, but the faithful elephant continually waited outside where Bella was lying. It is a touching relationship, right?

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