A Drowning Girl Was About To Give Up, But Then An Angel Came And Saved Her Life.. WOW!

Lisa, 15 years old and his brother decided to go for a quick swim while on a family vacation. They have been visiting the same beach every summer for the last few years. Both of them were good swimmers. However, this time around, things turned up to go rough. When the tide started to rise, Lisa was not able to navigate back on the shoreline. The sound of current made his brother decline to offer her assistance.  All this time, Lisa was yelling.

Norman, a yellow Labrador retriever came to save the day.  When he was only a day old, Annette McDonald rescued him from the animal shelter.  After taking the new companion home, she came to learn that he was blind.

On this day, Annette did not go for work and instead opted to take a walk on the beach together with Norman. He heard Lisa crying and took an action immediately.  The dog ran and swam to save Lisa as she struggled to float on the water.  While Lisa has started to pray, waiting for the worst, Norman offered her the much needed help. She got hold of the dog and she was pulled to the safety. After seeing this, Annette said to Lisa “Norman is your guardian angel”

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