Do You Know What James Corden Did During His Late Late Show? Well, It’s Now Gone Viral!

When you ask about James Corden, you’ll be told that he usually features some cool celebrities in his Late Late Show. James loves singing in the car, and the celebs come in to help him raise the voice.

But one of these shows is creating a wave. One good day, James invited Rod Stewart to the show, and you want to know what happened. The moment heats up when a rapper joins them in a song. A$AP came in and rapped a good piece of his hit, “Everyday,” just as James and Rod started singing “In A Broken Dream.”

A$AP does his part and leaves, but the two guys are still left to take their singing frenzy a notch higher. They take on a few more songs in a great manner that’ll make you join them. In fact, Corden admits to never having such a lovely moment with a legendary singer in his car.

Watch this and break a smile. Drop us a comment and tell us which celeb you would feature if you were in Corden’s place. If you think this is cool, kindly SHARE it!


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