Daughter Asks Her Father This Question.. His Response Is Touching Everyone’s Hearts

Anyone who has a family member suffering from dementia or Down’s Syndrome will understand just how much of a pain it can be both to the patient and the family. However, it’s people like Elaine Tusk and her dad Norm that really brings back the light.

Norm has Alzeimher’s, and that’s why her daughter stopped everything else and decided to care for her dad on her own. Elaine and Norm now spend their days together doing the stuff he used to do teach her as a kid – Painting, doing watercolor arts and such beautiful stuff.

One day, Elaine asked her dad a question and got the internet going up in a buzz. His answer will leave your jaws down!

So Elaine gets a camera and trains it right on her old man, and then she goes ahead and asks him if he actually knows he has Alzeimher’s. His answer? Wait for it!

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