Dad Did This With The Baby… My Heart Melted When I Discovered Why!

This baby girl’s dad knows how to find her the path to happiness whenever she’s upset.  A camera is set by the dad in the bedroom and a classic song titled “A Change Is Gonna Come” sang by Sam Cooke is turned on. Immediately the song starts to play, the dad starts to belt the words in a mesmerizing and soulful manner. I bet this girl may take after the father and develop a passion for singing when she grows up.

The different mechanisms that parents employ when soothing their children have never stopped to amaze me. I’m not a good singer and that may rule me out from trying this dad’s technique since I can’t tell how I will sound. Never worry, not all methods that parents use to soothe their children require one to have good vocals. The Huffington Post published an article that revealed some of the ways that parents can engage their children in if they want to relieve them from stress and calm them down. Doing yoga stretches, expressing creativity through art and engaging in outside tasks are some of them.

We always love to bring you ways of making you happy. Do you think this method will be effective for you as a person? Also you may consider SHARING with us some of the mechanisms you prefer!

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