Cowboy Saves A Woman From A Bike Thief. Now I Love This!

Robert Borba is a really nice guy who doesn’t go around looking for trouble, but he’s not really the type of person to sit around and fold arms while some crook tries to act up against an innocent stranger. On one occasion, Robert rode his horse to Walmart. The good Cowboy just wanted to get some dog food and be on his way back, but then this happened!

He heard a woman scream for help. Apparently, a thief had taken her bike from the rack and was now trying make away with it. Robert turned around and saw the thief, and then he did what real brave men do!

He rode after the crook and quickly caught up with him, then whipped out his lasso and made a swing at him. What happened next is anyone’s guess, considering that this cool guy is a champion in bull riding. He’s no joke!

He tied up the crook to a tree and called 911. An Officer showed up to arrest the thief while the woman got her bike back, all courtesy of this brave guy. He didn’t ask for anything in return for doing well. All Robert needed was his rope back, and that’s all.

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