City Workers Destroyed This Homeless Man’s Christmas Tree, The Residents’ Reaction? WOW!

Being a homeless man does not mean that you never have Christmas anxiety and the wish to celebrate this special day. In the tunnel of Pontchartrain Expressway in New Orleans, a homeless man by the name of John, a.k.a Philly, had set up his tent, and besides it he put a well decorated Christmas tree.

On seeing this, the local residents and strangers were more than pleased to come along and help him decorate the Christmas tree with lights and a bow that was very eye catching. Unluckily, city workers came by and removed the tree and threw it in the rubbish. Philly had to run after the rubbish truck and tearfully saw as his Christmas tree was being converted into pieces. The workers only left his tent. Reports released by the WDSU-TV, said that the city claimed the action of removing the Christmas tree to be against the law.

This information quickly spread like a bush fire to the whole locality and the residents were shocked. To show solidarity, they teamed up with Philly. They went forward to do what Philly never imagined them to do.

Watch the clip below to see the kindness act the community showed Philly. What do you think of it? Let us know by leaving your comment below! Please SHARE this touching story to all your friends on Facebook if you think that homeless people have a right to be enjoy the Christmas too!

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