Cher And The Jackson 5 Join Hands To Sing And Dance During A Concert Back In 1975. It’s Epic!

The 16th of March, 1975, is a memorable day for the audience at the Cher’s iconic variety show. On this day, the Jackson 5 were invited to perform at the show. The crowd that attended the went crazy when Cher together with the Jackson 5 danced and sang to songs like “Dancing Machine,” “I Want You Back,” “I’ll Be There,” among others. During this time, Cher was considered to be among the famous singers, and surprisingly before Michael Jackson began his famous moonwalk.

Apart from offering a spectacular performance, the two divas were surely gorgeous in the way they dressed. Cher was putting on a gold suit while Michael was cladded in a black suit. Standing together, they looked like the pop music owners! When the performance was uploaded on YouTube, it received many positive critics. One of the viewers left a comment saying that even though they had to remodel their dancing style, Cher never looked so lost in it. He went on congratulating Michael for his moves that outstood the Cher’s ones, saying that even if it was a collaboration MJ would never had left Cher to outshine him.

As for me, I was moved when they were performing “The Love You Save.” In this song, instead of MJ, Cher takes his place. Watch the performance in the clip below and let us know which song performed caught your attention. Please SHARE this amazing concert with all your friends on Facebook!

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