Celine Dion Amazes The Audience With Her Funny Joke; No One Knew She Could Do THIS…

The Tonight Show has featured some of the high profile guest artists in the nation for a long time. It seems like Jimmy Fallon will never run short of a guest to invite to his amazing show. The highlight of the show is when the celebrities spin the “wheel of Musical Impressions,” and then the rest of the audience listen to whatever Jimmy’s wheel picks for the guest artist. It is an amazing moment to hear talented artists try to play or sing each other’s best hits or plays or jokes. Some of the most memorable moment includes those of Ariana Grande, who went viral when she did a Celine Impression.

The audience did not know what to expect when it came to Celine Dion’s turn to do someone else’s impression. In the video below, we see her amaze the crowd while doing a Sia impression. She just left everyone cracking their ribs when she covered her face with her hair. Why? Because Sia is known for covering her face when she is performing, and what a better way to perform her impression than by covering yours as well!

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