Bikers Come To Courtrooms In Support Of Abused Children – They Are Angels!

Abused children have the support of Bikers Against Child Abuse (BACA). The video shown below was taken by the Crime Watch Daily when it met the BACA crew in Los Angeles. They were out to support the newest member who goes by the name Mika.

BACA members go to great lengths to support children grappling with cards that they have been dealt with. These abuses often include physical and sexual abuse. Their support includes picking the kids from school as well as escorting them to therapy sessions. The children are also treated to butterfly paints on their faces as well as playing Barbies with these rough-and-tumble men.

The most striking thing about them is that they are there for the children, especially when they have to testify against their abuser. A frightened abused child feels more secure when he sees strong friends, clad in leather jackets, filling the seats, as a show of support and future protection.

One of the bikers said that when the abused kids look at them and concentrate on them, they know they are there to support them all the way.

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