Balloon Floats From The Coffin And Heads Towards The Mother Of The Dead Boy.

It was sad news when Trebby, a small boy from the Philippines lost his life last September. When the burial day came, they placed a portrait, plenty flowers and white balloons on top of the casket. But then something happened that surprised everyone.

One of the balloons which were on the coffin, began floating and headed towards Trebby’s mother named Joy. When she had a glance upwards, she saw the balloon approaching her and made contact with her hands and head. This made her to wail even more. The balloon makes another direction, only to come back from behind her. She then utters some words softly as if she is conversing with her dead son. It is clear that Joy thought that her late son had sent her a message with the balloon

When the clip was posted on the internet, it attained more than three million views. Many viewers have commented that the happening was very touching. While others commented that the reason why the balloon behaved like that is that the helium in it was getting low thus making such movements, others said that it was Trebby’s soul that was bidding farewell to her mother.

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