Baker Waits For Her New Customer To Pick A Cake, Then This Happens… Heartwarming!

Meet Mary Pat Seiss who works at the Oakmont Bakery.

In the spring of 2016, Mary Pat received a new cake order. Kelly was the client, and she had cancer. Mary Pat wanted to give the best birthday cake to the six-year-old.
Mary Pat was six when she was diagnosed with leukemia. After years of treatment, she was declared cancer-free. However, the disease returned when she was in college and has been fighting it ever since.

Mary Pat’s brothers have always supported her. However, the two work away from home and have their own families. She has been alone in the house.

As Mary Pat baked for Kelly, her brother, Robert, was miles away in Fort Bragg, North Carolina. He was preparing for his deployment to Iraq.

When Mary Pat finishes baking and decorating Kelly’s cake, the unexpected happens. She walks up to the registry and awaits her client to pick the cake. She did not see this coming!

Watch the video below and get your Kleenex ready. You do not want to miss the turn of events.

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