At 85 Years OF Age, Carmen Dell’Orefice Still Models Better Than Many Out There!

The modeling career is one of the most interesting careers that a few people have. There is no age limit but what you do will determine how long you are going to be in that carrier. If for example you are into drugs, you can expect to have a very short stint in this glamorous industry. If you are well behaved and you take care of yourself, then you will be able to enjoy your modeling gift for a very long time. In the video below, we see such a woman who did it right and she has excelled in modeling for several decades.

Her name is Carmen Dell’Orefice. Life was not always easy for her and her mom. They used to live such a humble life that they did not even own a phone at home. So when there was a modeling opportunity, her mom had to send a messenger on foot to get the message to her. She also had to skate to work to save money she would have paid as bus fare. Today she is 80 years old but still models better than many young models.

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