A Miracle Happens To Daughter And Mom…It’s Almost Unbelievable.. Check It Out!

Decades ago, Jamie Bakenhaster was nursing her 2-year-old little daughter, Brittany. One day, something happened, and that’s what brought about their whole shift!

On that fateful day, Brittany experienced a seizure. She choked and gurgled, and Jamie knew what it was all about. The mom used to have those epileptic seizures too, but she was taking some medications to keep it in check. However, those medications didn’t seem to work on her daughter. The situation worsened. Brittany struggled with the seizures for 2 good years. Even the doctors gave up on her. She couldn’t even talk!

At one time, she got hospitalized. The doctors couldn’t work around her condition, so they gave up and told her mom to take her home so she could die in peace. Imagine! Turns out, there were other powers at play!

Jamie went home and prayed by her daughter. The next morning, she woke up to find little Brittany talking! A short time after, the mom started getting some headaches whenever she took her medicine. She stopped, and she was well. Mom and daughter got healed. Just like that!

This must be a miracle. In fact, Brittany uttered “Jesus” when she started talking. She claimed to have seen angels. Wow! Decades after all that, the two are all well and free of seizures!

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