A Dead Officer’s Daughter Is Escorted To Prom By The Police – Touching!

When Officer Kondak was shot and killed in what was a supposed to be a routine call, the whole community was devastated. However, as you would expect, the immediate family was the one that was worst hit. They had lost the pillar of the family and they would no longer have the love of a father and husband. So two years later when Kondak’s daughter Aleena was supposed to go to prom, dad was not there to take picture with her before seeing her off.

Her mother Teresa felt she had to do something for her daughter. She contacted her husband’s colleagues in the police department and they agreed to wait for Aleena as she alighted from the bus. Aleena was not expecting such a thing because mom did not share her plan with her. Mom wanted it to be a surprise for her daughter. And she was right, Aleena was thrilled. The officers said that it was sad they had to take the place of her father, but added it was an honor to do it.

Take a moment and watch this touching moment as the daughter is met by the officers just before the dance and escorted. They also had flowers for her as well.

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