90-Year-Old Former Kindergarten Teacher Makes A Stunning Revelation 30 Years Later

Lorly Schik began her career as a teacher in 1940. She was a school teacher in Perham School District in Minnesota. She was a wonderful teacher to many and countless students had said they were deeply impacted by her unwavering guidance and kind heart.

In 1989, she retired from her job. Despite that, many years later she still remembers the faces of her students over the years.

Unfortunately, her husband passed away before they would celebrate her retirement party by travelling across the country. Life changed for her at the age of 90. The death of her husband made her make a decision of moving from her home to an independent living complex for the elderly.

One day, she turned on to the local channel in St. Paul, Minnesota. One of the news anchors was a familiar face. It was one of her favorite students, Cory.  Cory later visited her in her new place, and they reminisced about the good old times. She even had a note from Cory’s mother. The note stated that Cory’s mum appreciated her teaching efforts and thanked her for making Cory comfortable on the first day of school. The story brings out a mixture of emotions.

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